Sergio Marchione: Even Mercedes has acknowledged that Ferrari was not lucky at the end of the season

Серджио Маркионе: Даже в Mercedes признали, что Ferrari не повезло в конце сезона

Ferrari Chairman Sergio Marchione believes that if not a series of disastrous races in the beginning of autumn, the Scuderia would struggle in the championship after the Grand Prix of Mexico and promised to draw conclusions from the made mistakes.

“We started to work on the project in 2018 in the beginning of season 2017. Need to draw conclusions from the mistakes made in the course of this championship, and to prevent their recurrence in the future, – quotes the edition of Marcion SpeedWeek. – I recently spoken with the President of Mercedes Dieter Zetsche, and even he admitted that this year’s Ferrari was not lucky.

If the Asian series of stages went well for us more successfully, at the Grand Prix of Mexico, the situation in the championship would have looked different. We want to spend the remaining two races at a high level, and then focus on preparing for next season.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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