Sebastian Vettel: it is Important to prevent the recurrence of such problems with reliability

Себастьян Феттель: Важно не допустить повторения таких проблем с надежностью

Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel has urged Ferrari to sort out the technical problems that have arisen in the last two Grand Prix, and to prevent their recurrence in the long term.

Pat Symonds: Ferrari do not look for blame technical problems

“I do not think that the case in the pace of development of the machine. These breakdowns were reasons, – quotes Vettel AUTOSPORT. – Of course, the team has potential. There are details, which should be given more attention.

It’s normal when you’re trying to push the boundaries of what is possible. While sometimes you cross the limit. It happens that the consequences of errors are felt only with time. But the technique tends to break down. Yes, it is very frustrating when this happens. But all have their reasons.

Need to find a solution and not just fix these issues and to make sure that in the future they will not happen again.”

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