Ross brown: the Top teams beg us to limit costs

Росс Браун: Топ-команды умоляют нас ограничить расходы

Sporting Director of the F1 Ross brown said that Mercedes even support introduction of restrictions on budgets.

Austin Mercedes for the fourth time in a row won the Cup of designers. However, the dominance of the German team involves the fact that every year it spends more money on their victory.

According to brown, the boards of Directors of big teams are willing to reduce costs to improve its own financial position.

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“Mercedes has the biggest financial resources in F1 – each year the team spends on its program of half a billion dollars,’ said Ross. The problem is that their car is getting four seconds faster than the others on the grid, and it’s bad for business.

If Mercedes wins its budget grows: the more a team dominates, the more it spends. But when the domination ends, budgets become excessively large the team did not win, and spends incredible amounts of money.

The boards of Directors of the strongest teams came to us and said, “Please save us from ourselves. We need a regulatory authority. We want to control what can and can’t do to make the business more sustainable. We have to bring budgets to a level below even if we don’t win, the cost of F1 would still be justified”.

Thus, Mercedes will want to get out of this crazy loop costs. They don’t want to leave F1, they want to get out of the state in which there are now. They are willing to rein in its competitiveness, if it means improving the sustainability of the business.”

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