Ross brown: the Asian tour has turned to Ferrari nightmare

Росс Браун: Азиатское турне обернулось для Ferrari кошмаром

Sporting Director of the F1 Ross brown sympathizes with the latest Ferrari failures that negatively impact on the championship hopes of Sebastian Vettel.

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In Singapore, Sebastian, had an accident in the first corner of the race, which was unable to continue the race. In qualifying in Sepang on his machine there is a problem with the motor, and before the start of the Grand Prix of Japan on his car revealed a defect of the spark plug that ended with the next gathering in the distance.

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“The Asian tour season was a nightmare for the Ferrari, – quotes the brown I know how difficult it is for the team to see such a breakdown, when the work of so many employees at one point goes down the drain.

I feel sorry for the Ferrari in this difficult time. The team is under immense pressure, especially in Italy. In such a situation can easily fly over their heads, but they need to keep calm and focus on current goals.

But when the season is completed, Ferrari should be pleased with their achievements in 2017.

For the first time in the era of the power plant of Mercedes had to deal with an opponent able to stand up to her in the fight for the title. Much time has passed from the time when Ferrari was competitive, and the problems that befell the team in recent weeks, do not deny the fact of its power.”

Росс Браун: Азиатское турне обернулось для Ferrari кошмаром

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