Oksana Kosachenko: Daniil Kvyat need clarity

Оксана Косаченко: Даниилу Квяту нужна ясность

On Wednesday it became known that Daniil Kvyat will be back behind the wheel of a Toro Rosso in the season 2017. This morning said Helmut Marko. If any of the prospects and hopes of the Russians to stay in Formula 1, versed with Oksana Kosachenko, Director of the Agency “Manuscript”.

“I think, no need to look guilty, at least publicly. It will not benefit anyone, and harm to the athlete certainly can. Apparently, according to the terms of the contract the team had the right at any time to land the pilot out of the cockpit for a few races or even dismiss – said Kosachenko.

Today’s situation resembles what happened with Vitaly Petrov in 2011, but then the management of the rider failed to negotiate with the team that the pilot has completed the season in his team. Now against the athlete actually spoke and the management team.

You can’t classify what happened to Daniel as a great surprise, the conflict has been brewing for a very long time, there were too many unpleasant bells. Now, when it became clear that the STR no longer requires the services of Russian, Daniil need to do the important thing – as soon as possible to clarify – is it the Red Bull or not.

If Yes, it is possible that Helmut Marko will offer him a interesting racing career, for example, in endurance racing, and maybe in America. But if Daniil Kvyat has no place in the system of Red bull, we have to urgently start negotiations with the teams of Formula 1, there is still quite acceptable jobs. But never one pilot alone anything more-less acceptable to negotiate failed.

Immediate need to attract competent management and lawyers and to engage in the negotiation process”.

The famous Explorer, Formula 1 Adam Cooper believes that Daniil Kvyat can become one more candidate for the place of Felipe Massa in Williams in 2018.

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“There is a caveat. Even if Daniel will be able to say farewell to Red Bull, it is unlikely the team from grove will prefer Russian rider without solid financial support guaranteed contract with title sponsor Martini. Kvyat only 23 years old, and until he can be an effective communication tool alcoholic beverages”, – added Kosachenko.

Оксана Косаченко: Даниилу Квяту нужна ясность

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