Niki Lauda: the Pursuit of security will destroy Formula 1

Ники Лауда: Стремление к безопасности уничтожит гонки Формулы 1

Triple world champion Niki Lauda believes the FIA don’t need to get involved with improving safety in Formula 1, because in the end, this may lead to decline in audience interest.

“No need to try to do completely safe Formula 1, – quotes the Austrian F1Fanatic. The F1 racers need to be the best in the world. At the same time, audiences like accidents – incidents demonstrate, where is the limit. If you go too far, we just destroy F1.

Now the pilots come to the Grand Prix with their wives, children, dogs, as race has ceased to be a threat. In my day, we went to the stages alone, because they did not want to wife then accompanied the coffin home. It was a different era. Thank God that now F1 has become safer. It’s good for the sport.

The speed and power of the machines has not changed much. The biggest difference is that we risked, whereas now it is not. Of course, I would prefer to race now. Then I would burn the ear, we wouldn’t have all these burns and would earn 50 times more. But I had no choice.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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