Michelle Mouton: Women in the race stopping a well-developed instinct of self-preservation

Мишель Мутон: Женщинам в гонках мешает развитый инстинкт самосохранения

Vice-champion of the world rally championship in 1982, and now the FIA safety delegate michèle Mouton believes that women are capable to compete in Formula 1.

The member development programme Renault Carmen Chord suggested on Twitter to organize a separate F1 championship for women, justifying this by the fact that they can’t fight on equal terms with men. Mouton does not agree, although it notes that to claim victory hard.

“With all of the necessary skills and the right opportunity is quite real, – quoted by Mouton in his blog Joe Saved. – Another question: can a woman win Formula 1? I’m not sure.

Men and women are different. I think the biggest difference is in emotions and feelings. Women have a more developed instinct of self-preservation. This is a very important factor when you fight for tenths of a second.

To reach the top, women need to work on themselves, while the men just enough to attack. I hope that I’m wrong in my theory and in fact it is not, but that is my opinion.”

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