Mercedes Williams offers a discount on the engines for a place in the team for Pascal Wehrlein

Mercedes предлагает Williams скидку на моторы за место в команде для Паскаля Верляйна

The Mercedes team has made another attempt to put the Williams team the following year, his protégé Pascal Wehrlein.

Earlier it was reported that the main contenders to become a partner of the lance Stroll in 2018, are Robert Kubica and Paul di Resta.

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There was also the information that their services to the team from grove offers and Daniil Kvyat.

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But Mercedes also make every effort to find a place for Pascal in F1 in 2018.

“Mercedes has already made the suggestion that Williams will receive a discount on the engines in exchange for a seat for Wehrlein in the team, said an insider from Mercedes in the comments – But we don’t know whether to agree to such terms Williams.

Much depends on whether agree Lawrence Stroll, lance’s father, to partner his son became Wehrlein”.

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