“Maybe Lewis just had sex?” – Kimi Raikkonen turned 38 years old

«Может, у Льюиса просто не было секса?» – Кими Райкконену исполнилось 38 лет

Today, October 17, the world champion 2007 Kimi Raikkonen turns 38.

Finn, no doubt, is one of the most popular drivers in modern Formula 1. The reason for this is largely his calm exterior, which borders on eccentricity. At least no one else knows how to communicate with the media. We offer you a selection of the most interesting and unusual answers Kimi.

Do you have a special ritual before you wear a helmet?
Kimi Raikkonen: I wipe down the visor to see better.

The words of Lewis Hamilton, that first victory is better than sex: “Maybe he just never had sex?”

What does fifth place on the starting grid?
Kimi: Fifth place!

The need to study the Italian language after the move to Ferrari: “I came into this team not to learn the language”.

As you spend the night before a race?
Kimi Raikkonen: I sleep.

Kimi, have you ever been mad to want to jump and shout?
Kimi Raikkonen: Yeah, many times. Of course, the retirements in the race upset, but still I’m more pissed in real life.
Can you give an example?
Kimi Raikkonen: No, I think not.
That, as you say, may annoy you in everyday life?
Kimi Raikkonen: If you continue to ask such questions!

«Может, у Льюиса просто не было секса?» – Кими Райкконену исполнилось 38 лет

The era Formula, which would be: “My life would be so much easier if I was a racer of the era of 70 years. Definitely, I was born at the wrong time”.

You decided to leave Ferrari for another team?
Kimi Raikkonen: Probably not.
Are you sure?
Kimi Raikkonen: I said “probably”.

About the lack of emotion after the victory: “It’s not my style. Yes, winning is always great, but I’m not one of those who jumps for joy and brag about it”.

What do you think about my new tattoo? It’s constant?
Kimi Raikkonen: I don’t know.

The chances for the title in the 2012 season: “it Will be funny if I become champion without winning a single race”.

How do you usually prepare for the start of the season?
Kimi Raikkonen: I Read your journals.

Do you have any Hobbies?
Kimi Raikkonen: I collect walnuts.

You could say the Finnish audience?
Kimi Raikkonen In Finland it’s mother’s Day.
Mother’s day?
Kimi Raikkonen: Yes. I have nothing more to say.

«Может, у Льюиса просто не было секса?» – Кими Райкконену исполнилось 38 лет

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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