Max Verstappen Red Bull should be used to finalize the car in the offseason

Макс Ферстаппен: Red Bull нужно раньше заканчивать работу над машиной в межсезонье

Racer Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen believes that the team need to reconsider the approach to work in the winter to the beginning of the season to have a competitive car.

Usually, RBR is trying to develop a new car. In theory this should give an advantage, given more time blasting in the wind tunnel. But the last couple of seasons, the Austrian team starts not in the best shape compared to Mercedes and Ferrari, both in 2017, and then adds in the course of the championship.

“Now in terms of the balance of the car is radically different from what it was in the beginning of the season, Verstappen is quoted by AUTOSPORT. – In the first few races RB13 behavior was unpredictable – changes in settings could give the opposite result compared to the expectations of the engineers. To find the optimal settings was really hard. Now it is completely different car. Given that the start of the season we could give a minute to the winner, the current results are really impressive.

The team might need to change the approach – for example, to delay the development of the new machine to the last, and just modify it in the future, focusing on data collected on the track. But not for me to make such decisions. I think the team have learned from the situation this year. I am sure that with the start of the season in 2018 we will be quick”.

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