Max Verstappen Has one steward is an idiot, who makes decisions against me

Макс Ферстаппен: Есть один стюард-идиот, который принимает решения против меня

The pilot of Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen was dissatisfied with the decision of the stewards, who fined for his overtaking Kimi Raikkonen on the last lap of the Grand Prix of the United States.

Max overtook Kimi in the battle for third place, but during the maneuver went four wheels outside the track. Immediately after race stewards added to the result of max five seconds after the fact is pushing it in the Protocol of the race in fourth place.

“In the Directorate sets a steward is an idiot that decides against me, – said Max. He was in Mexico [in 2016, when Verstappen was fined]. Now, I was fined five seconds. And for that I was punished?

Again they remove someone from the podium and told him he was leaving. In the end I still had a great race. I’m satisfied with fourth place, but the fact that they do not fit in the head.

Protest? We cannot protest the race results. They know how to write the rules.”

In comments to Sky Sports Max added: “These stupid decisions they are killing the sport. I really hope that the fans will not like this decision. I hope that next year this will no longer happen.

All pilots were left off, including me. In the ninth and 19th turns we went to the curb and nobody said anything. The same thing happened with Bottas: I spent overtaking, he went beyond the road and back in front of me, which I had to overtake him again. But then they had nothing against the fact that he gained an advantage.

It’s bad for the sport. They should really clarify the rules so no exceptions.”

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