Marcus Ericsson due to the weight I’m losing Pascal Wehrlein 0.4 seconds off lap

Маркус Эрикссон: Из-за веса я проигрываю Паскалю Верляйну 0,4 секунды с круга

Pilot Sauber Marcus Ericsson has said that he’s 10 kg heavier by Pascal Wehrlein, which negatively affects the results in comparison with the German racer.

In qualifying Marcus Pascal loses with 4:9, but the difference in race pace between the two is only 0,049%, the lowest rate among partners of all teams in F1 in 2017.

“We are close in pace, but his vitals are better than mine that can’t satisfy me – quoted Eriksson – I also find it hard because of the difference in weight. In the beginning of the year the weight handicap was less, but in the last four or five races I weighed 10 kg more.

Because of the extra pounds I lose about 0.3-0.4 seconds in comparison with Wehrlein on one circle of each track. I’m constantly trying to lose weight, but this is difficult due to high growth.

I need to get ahead of Pascal as often as possible. I’ve been in F1 for many years, but now I must perform in the worst car of all time. It is difficult to demonstrate their skills in this technique. It also complicates the possibility of fighting for the best spot on the grid [of the year]”.

Recall that Wehrlein put in the Treasury Sauber five points in 2017, and Ericsson has not gained any points.

Маркус Эрикссон: Из-за веса я проигрываю Паскалю Верляйну 0,4 секунды с круга

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