Lewis Hamilton: Let Valtteri Bottas will win a few races, but not all

Льюис Хэмилтон: Пусть Валттери Боттас выиграет несколько гонок, но не все

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton said that with Valtteri Bottas it is much easier to work than Nico Rosberg, with whom he competed in the same team for three years.

“Overall, the team emerges positive dynamics, said the Briton. – Valtteri is a wonderful person. I think it comes from his father.

Valtteri wants to win deservedly through hard work. There was not a single moment when he ever kept from me. This is atypical dynamics: he asks me something and I offer him a solution. Before the race in Austin I told him: “Look what I changed in my car to start”. He listened to me and also made similar changes.”

Psle year hiatus from Bottas a clear decline: from the Grand Prix of Belgium, he has scored only 75 points, at the time, as Hamilton put it in his piggy Bank, 143 credit score.

“I think Valtteri wants and he’ll get it,’ continued Lewis. – This machine is not easy to manage. Don’t forget that he moved to a new team. But I think with time he will only improve.

I don’t mind if he wins some races, but don’t want to win them all! I like the fact that he drove me in the beginning of the year, however, after the summer break, I was able to move to a qualitatively new level.”

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