Kimi Raikkonen: Verstappen need to accept the punishment

Кими Райкконен: Ферстаппену нужно смириться с наказанием

Pilot Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen was advised to max Verstappen to accept the penalty received at the end of the battle with Finn on the last lap of the Grand Prix of the United States, and to draw the right conclusions from this episode.

Max Verstappen did not apologize for his criticism of the stewards in Austin

“Max must come to terms with the punishment, – quotes Kimi Sometimes the penalty can seem overly hard, and at times the situation is in your favor.

Everyone says that Mika Salo helped Ferrari [in Austin], but in Spa he was also a steward, and I got punishment for nothing. During my career, I often received strange penalties. But it should be left in the past and in the future try to do otherwise.

The stewards trying to do their work as efficiently. I know the feeling when sometimes everything goes against you, but that’s life.

Each steward has his own opinion on one point or another: someone is happy, someone, on the contrary, upset, but it will always be. I am sure that the situation does not change, even if the stewards are the same people because each incident is unique.”

Кими Райкконен: Ферстаппену нужно смириться с наказанием

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