Jacques Villeneuve: My RAM at Jerez, Schumacher helped me to win the title

Жак Вильнёв: Своим тараном в Хересе Шумахер помог мне выиграть титул

Exactly 20 years ago on October 26, 1997, Jerez hosted one of the most legendary and scandalous at the same time interchanges the fight for the title in the Formula 1.

At the final stage of the season the Grand Prix of Europe Michael Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve came with a gap of one point in favor of the Germans. The champion was supposed to be the one who will be ahead at the finish.

For 2/3 of the race Schumacher was ahead of the canadian, but after the second pit stop Villeneuve began to rapidly approach. On 47-th circle to turn Dry Sack he attacked his opponent, but Michael couldn’t accept this state of Affairs and deliberately went to RAM.

Jacques Villeneuve on the season 1997 and key mistakes in his career

“It was great! Why? Because Michael helped me to win the championship. This is how the episode went down in history. Anyway, not to beat someone, and the Schumacher is well worth it, – quotes Villeneuve Motorsport-Magazin. In fact, what he did was nothing new. But it was the first time such actions backfired and cost him dearly. It makes my victory even more special.”

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