Jacques Villeneuve: I hope that Kvyat will not return

Жак Вильнёв: Хочется надеяться, что Квят не вернётся

World champion of Formula 1, 1997 Jacques Villeneuve very harsh comments about Daniel Quate.

According to the canadian, Russian rider had enough time to prove their competitiveness, but he didn’t and is now unlikely to return to the starting grid.

Oksana Kosachenko: Daniil Kvyat need clarity

“I’d like to hope so, – quotes Villeneuve Motorsport-Total. Just look what he achieved. He was acting arrogant and aggressive, which was totally unjustified, given the results.

It’s high time to put behind the wheel of another rider. How much time did he have? Three years? This is usually sufficient to reveal its potential.

Now it’s too late to do something. Formula 1 is no place for the weak. Either you’re good or not.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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