Friday’s training session may disappear from F1 in favor of a greater number of races

Пятничные тренировки могут исчезнуть из Ф1 в угоду большему количеству гонок

Sporting Director of the F1 Ross brown believes that it is possible to change the format of the race weekend, removing the Friday workout. Thus it will be possible to increase the number of Grand Prix in the calendar.

“If we increase the number of races in the calendar, it will complicate life for the teams, in terms of logistics, – said Ross. – To increase the number of races and not make things difficult for teams logistical challenge, we need to revise the format of the race weekend.

I believe that the essence of the weekend is the race. We are not going to change the essence, but then the question arises, do we need a Friday workout. If it were not for Friday’s training, we could spend some more races, because from the point of view of logistics for the teams would be easier.

But the problem is that Friday’s race is important for promoters and TV people. Hence the question: what to do in this situation?”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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