Fernando Alonso In Mexico, the McLaren chassis is the best among all

Фернандо Алонсо: В Мексике у McLaren лучшее шасси среди всех

Fernando Alonso believes that in qualifying in Mexico, the McLaren had the fastest chassis.

In the first segment, Alonso showed the fifth time, behind landmark, Lewis Hamilton only 0,192 seconds, but in the second part of qualifying, the Spaniard drove a single lap due to the fact that the team decided to save tyres for Sunday’s race, which Fernando and his teammate Stoffel Vandorn start with the tail of the peloton because of the large penalty for changing elements of the power plant Honda.

“If we talk about today’s races, we had the best chassis, – quotes Alonso AUTOSPORT.com. – The car behaved perfectly. Cornering grip was excellent, which allowed me to pilot the machine on instinct.

We have not demonstrated the fastest time in sector. I think this was our best weekend of the season.

The engine? He just has not changed. Moreover, on Saturday we used the previous version of the motor to keep the new unit on Brazil and Abu Dhabi.

We have made improvements thanks to the aerodynamic updates and new developments in the field of suspension.

Unfortunately, because of the fine, we will start last, so to score points in a race on a track with a long straight will be almost impossible.

But we are preparing for 2018. Today for the first time in three years, we can say that we have the best gear.”

Text online broadcast of the qualification of Grand Prix of Mexico with photos you can view on our website.

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