Eric boullier: Asian race has demonstrated the progress McLaren

Эрик Булье: Азиатские гонки продемонстрировали прогресс McLaren

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge said that the results of the team in the three Asian races in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan, to demonstrate her progress.

In Singapore and Malaysia Stoffel Vandorn finished seventh, and in Japan Fernando Alonso has stopped in a step from the top ten.

In addition, in all three stages at least one of the pilots made it to the third qualifying segment.

“The Asian tour of the three races turned out to be successful for the team – we managed to gain a good score,’ said boullier. – I believe that after this we became stronger.

We intend to transfer this form into the remaining four Grand Prix of the season.”

Recall that in the Cup of designers McLaren takes the ninth place.

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