Christian Horner: Burning oil is contrary to environmental policy F1

Кристиан Хорнер: Сжигание масла противоречит экологической политике Ф1

The head of the Red Bull Racing Christian Horner has backed the FIA’s decision to tighten control over the burning of engine oil along with fuel.

The FIA has strengthened control over the burning engine oil with the fuel

Early next year the teams will be possible to burn only 0.6 litres of oil per 100 km.

Hem oil on the fire? Why did the team burn the oil in the engine?

In addition, Horner has questioned the desire of F1 to reduce the emissions of harmful substances, even if in the era of hybrid power units of the team to burn oil in such quantities.

“The burning of 4 kg of oil in the race – it’s like a diesel engine, – quotes Horner. Is contrary to the concept of attitude of modern F1 to the environment.

I know that some teams are disappointed with the reduction in the rate of burning of oil, especially during qualifying. But at this point we need to clarify that I absolutely support”.

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