Charlie whiting Verstappen got the advantage and had to be punished

Чарли Уайтинг: Ферстаппен получил преимущество и должен был понести наказание

FIA race Director Charlie whiting explained in detail why the United States Grand Prix Max Verstappen only got a fine for violation of the track, while other drivers escaped punishment.

“In my opinion, the charges of the stewards of inconsistency unfounded, – quotes Whiting AUTOSPORT. This is the only episode in Austin when it was obvious that the rider gained an advantage and should be punished.

Leaving itself outside the track is not a violation of the rules, but if the racer does this, it needs to return safely to the track and do not get the benefits. This is a really important word.

In the course of the weekend, including the race, the pilots repeatedly violated the boundaries of the track, but the episodes with them were not considered by the stewards because they did not receive benefits. In the case of Verstappen, it was the opposite. He cut the track, leaving at the same beyond it, and at the same time ahead of the opponent.

So in technical terms, the solution was simple. But emotionally it was hard because the decision had to be made very quickly.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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