Brendon Hartley: I asked for advice from Mark Webber and Daniel Riccardo

Брендон Хартли: Я спрашивал советов у Марка Уэббера и Даниэля Риккардо

The pilot Toro Rosso Brendon Hartley said that on the eve of his F1 debut in Austin, he asked for advice from Mark Webber and Daniel Riccardo.

Brendon Hartley: I need to study the manual 50 pages!

“I asked advice from all my friends in the sport, said Brandon at a press conference in the United States. This morning I had Breakfast with mark. Two days ago I saw one of my best friends Daniel Riccardo and asked him about the tires.

Surely after the first workout I have new questions I would have to ask them.

Expectations for the weekend? While I did not set clear tasks. Honestly, just yesterday I took fit the seats, and today I met with some members of the team.

What will happen in the next year? I didn’t ask a lot of questions. So far, I just want the best way to spend a weekend in Austin”.

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