Best radio conversations the Grand Prix of Malaysia

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Малайзии

We present to your attention a selection of the best radio conversations the Grand Prix of Malaysia from the ESPN F1 website.

“I have no power.”
Ferrari: “Roger, Kimi. If you can get to the starting grid, we will try to resolve the problem on the spot.”
“The battery is not there.”

So collapsed all hopes Ferrari to fight for victory even before the start of the race, when the car of Kimi Raikkonen had problems with the power plant.

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Малайзии

“That’s how we do it!”
Red Bull Racing: “Well Done! Now try to break out of the DRS zone and don’t forget about the tire condition”.

That was the reaction of max Verstappen for overtaking Lewis Hamilton, which allowed him to become a leader and strive second career victory.

Force India: “Sainz hit you?”
“Yes, of course. Of course, he hit me.”
Force India: “let us know”.
“I was not clearly told?”
Force India: “In this case you need to get on the radio and tell us. Right?”

The conversation between the Window and the team after a collision with Sainz on 25-m lap was strange and confusing.

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Малайзии

Alonso: “What an idiot! Hulkenberg was right”
Magnussen: “What the hell is he doing?”

Fernando Alonso and Kevin Magnussen have accused each other of contact on the 32nd lap. Alonso complaining about the Dane, referred to the words of Nico, who called that the most unsporting driver on the starting grid.

“Damn it, he pushed me again!”

On the middle distance of the Window and Ground a second time after the start of the divided highway, this time in the fourth turn.

Magnussen: “He’s a fucking psychopath!”
Renault: “the car’s all right?”
Palmer: “Yes, although there was contact”.

Two former team-mate at Renault Kevin Magnussen and Jolyon Palmer divided highway.

“What is that…. Come on, Alonso…seriously?! I was better of you!”

Vettel was not happy after an unexpected obstacle in the pursuit of ricciardo was circular Alonso.

Red Bull Racing: “I think you knocked Vettel out of rhythm. Good job!”

After a failed attack on Riccardo Ferrari driver began to lose pace and fall behind.

Red Bull Racing: “Well Done, Max!”
“Yeeeees! Oh-Oh-Oh! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!”
Christian Horner: “Awesome, awesome work, Max! Great class! With the 20th anniversary of you! Great start of a new decade in your life, well done!”

Max Verstappen jubilation and congratulations to the team, perhaps, need no comment…

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Малайзии

Vettel: “How is this possible? Stroll not looking where he was going. He just hit my car.”
Stroll: “Vettel just turned in my direction!”

Immediately after a strange incident on lap returning to the pits four-time world champion and canadian newcomer accused each other.

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Малайзии

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