Best radio conversations the Grand Prix of Japan

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Японии

We present to your attention a selection of the best radio conversations the Grand Prix of Malaysia from the ESPN F1 website.

“I know you’re not supposed to talk to me, but if I can somehow affect the security or reliability, then let me know”
Ferrari: “Driver default Delta two off. Driver default alpha four six. Click it when you can”

At this moment Sebastian Vettel has realised that his car had problems. Ferrari discovered a defect in the spark plug on the car is German, when she was standing on the starting grid, but the team didn’t have enough time to rectify the fault. In the end, this defect has led to outright Sebastian already in the opening GP of Japan, and his championship ambitions in 2017 has suffered yet another devastating blow.

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Японии

“I’m sorry, guys. I tried my best… I failed”
Toro Rosso: “it’s okay, Carlos. It’s all good. It is a pity that everything ended so. In any case, thank you for the time we spent together”

The last race for Carlos Sainz in the Toro Rosso failed. The Spaniard finished his career in STR on a sad note: he went into a turn and flew into the barrier on the first lap of the race.

“Guys, can I attack Esteban? He was going too slow”
Force India: “No, Cheko. No. Stay in your place. After a few laps we’ll get back to you”
“Tell him to go faster. He’s too slow”

At Suzuka, Force India has used team orders, not allowing Sergio Perez to attack Esteban aukon. The teammates faced each other in Azerbaijan and Belgium, but in Japan they humbly got to the finish line in sixth and seventh position, having put in a moneybox of team of Silverstone valuable points.

“The mechanism DRS stuck in the open position! He *** never closes!”

The failure of the DRS system on the rear wing RS17 forced to terminate the race Nico Hulkenberg, depriving it of true points.

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Японии

Haas: “Great job!”

A daring overtaking Felipe Massa came to the liking of not only the audience but the race engineer Kevin Magnussen. Thanks to the maneuver Dane both machines Haas drove into the glasses.

Ferrari: “Okay, Kimi. Now you can go to the maximum…”
“I keep food at maximum”

Another radio in the Golden collection of Kimi Raikkonen. This guy never disappoints…

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Японии

“I can go 100%?”
Red Bull Racing: “If you think you’ll be able to take advantage of this chance, then Yes”

Max Verstappen, who scored a great pace in the closing stages of the race, has asked the team permission to use all possible means at its disposal, in order to attack Hamilton. The Dutch came very close to Lewis, but on the penultimate lap Max got into traffic, losing your chance.

Mercedes: “OK, Lewis. Great job. Control in the race. A fantastic result”
“I feel a vibration on lap of the race to the pits”
Mercedes: “Accepted. Vibration from powertrain or tires”
“Yes, from the power plant”

Mercedes: “All Right. We will instruct you”
“After I change”

Immediately after the race, Lewis Hamilton did not celebrate, as was concerned about a strange vibration that was making his power plant. After the fact Lewis stated that his engine all right.

“Thanks, buddy. Thank you all. It was a pleasure working with you”

The last race Jolyon Palmer in the part of Renault, and possibly in F1. The Briton said goodbye to the team, which included him on the U.S. Grand Prix will replace Carlos Sainz. The Briton thanked the French team for the 35 joint races.

Лучшие радиопереговоры Гран При Японии

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