Batton told about a strange encounter with his first teammate in F1

Баттон рассказал о странном знакомстве со своим первым напарником в Ф1

The 2009 world champion Jenson button has told about uneasy relations with his first partner in Formula 1, which was Ralf Schumacher, younger brother of Michael Schumacher.

“I just signed a contract with Williams, struggled to find the words and was going to call my parents, both in the office suddenly became Ralph. He sat down in front of Frank and began to build a Moody person, – quotes the Button F1i. He said: “I will not come tomorrow, if there is no official car”. At that moment I thought, “Hey, you can’t talk like that Frank!”

Frank kept calm, and Ralph continued: “I’m serious, Frank. If the car will not be near the hotel or it will arrive late, then I just will not participate in the tests.”

Williams replied: “Well, Ralph, we’ll take care of it”. Then he added: “more importantly, Ralph, is the fact that we chose the Jensen in place of the second pilot”.

Schumacher looked at Frank, then at me and said with confidence: “Yes, I know.”

Whether Ralph was in the know or just pretend to be so important? Who knows. In any case, it was a strange way to get acquainted with a new teammate.

Ralph always seemed a little insecure. It was like he was afraid of losing influence and never treated me as an equal. Maybe it was the language barrier or my age. I don’t know”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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