Attendance at the Grand Prix of Malaysia has reached the level of 2013

Посещаемость Гран При Малайзии достигла уровня 2013 года

The organizers of the Grand Prix of Malaysia provided data on attendance of Formula 1, which was the last, at least in the next five years.

Executive officer of Sepang: Our investments are not worth the level of entertainment F1

One of the reasons for termination of the contract on carrying out of race in Sepang, as you know, was the low attendance. Last weekend, the tribune called for a total of 110 604 spectators. On the one hand, this was the highest figure since 2013. But last year’s MotoGP race, for example, has collected 161 553 fans, and the minimum attendance for the last five years was set in 2012 – 125 816.

Organizers also announced that in just 19 years of Grand Prix of Malaysia Formula 1 podium visited 1 888 231 viewers, i.e. 99 380 per year.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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