Analysis: Can the McLaren ahead of Red Bull Racing on motors Renault?

Анализ: Сможет ли McLaren опередить Red Bull Racing на моторах Renault?

Expert F1 on Sky Sports mark Hughes says if McLaren ahead of Red Bull Racing with the same engine and why their opposition could become one of the most interesting in 2018.

In light of the imminent beginning of cooperation with McLaren, Renault F1 fans begin to oppose the team from walking the Red Bull Racing.

For three years of a disastrous partnership of McLaren and Honda, it became obvious that the chassis of the British team is one of the best in the peloton, and the Japanese engine manufacturer is like an anchor dragging the team down.

But this is only a superficial analysis. Of course, we know that in modern F1 engine plays a big role in the overall speed of the machine than the chassis. But with all this we can’t properly compare the speed of the McLaren with others, because they do not know how would look, for example, MCL32 on the background of the leaders in the conditions of identical power plants.

However, next year we will get the answer to this question, because McLaren will have the opportunity to compare themselves with Red Bull Racing, which will also use Renault engines.

Анализ: Сможет ли McLaren опередить Red Bull Racing на моторах Renault?

Despite the fact that in the beginning of the season-2017 chassis RB13 due to problems with the wind tunnel was, to put it mildly, not the most perfect, in the course of the campaign, the Austrian team was gradually added in this area.

Judging by the results after the summer break, RBR seem to have regained the title of the team with the strongest chassis in the peloton.

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Of course, a weakness RB13 as MCL32 is the lack of power, but the Renault deficit to Mercedes and Ferrari for much less than the Honda gap from the leaders.

For the last time in a McLaren was a competitive engine in 2014, when the team was a Mercedes customer. But that year her car MP4-29 lost factory W05 Hybrid for more than a second off lap times and conceded Williams, who also used the engines of Mercedes.

However, the MP4-29 was the last car before the McLaren aerodynamics Department was headed by Peter Prodromou, who was poached from RBR. Since in the field of aerodynamics, the team from Woking has demonstrated a philosophy close to Red Bull.

Prodromou worked for many years head of the Department of aerodynamics under the guidance of Adrian Newey first McLaren and then RBR. His return to McLaren in 2014 has become a kind of out of the shadows of the great Newey. Now Peter has something to prove. Unfortunately, his move to Woking coincided with the beginning of a nightmare period of the partnership with Honda.

The battle RB14 Red Bull with McLaren MCL33 promises to be one of the most interesting battles of the season in 2018, after driving both cars with potentially the same power plants will sit strong and talented pilots.

The idea of rivalry between Fernando Alonso with Daniel ricciardo and max Verstappen at the competitive and comparable technology makes the F1 fans look forward to the next campaign. Moreover, in the last Grand Prix of great speed and shows Stoffel Vandorn. The Belgian gradually reveals its potential, justifying the enormous advances that were issued to him before the beginning of season 2017.

Анализ: Сможет ли McLaren опередить Red Bull Racing на моторах Renault?

In F1 there are four leading teams, which thanks to its capacity and infrastructure able to compete at the top – Red Bull Racing and McLaren among them.

But parity with Red Bull Racing in the field of power will be a huge test for the McLaren, because in 2018, people will see how its chassis completely in comparison with competitors from Milton Keynes. And many are beginning to doubt whether to return to the top team, which last won the title in 2008, and the last Grand Prix in 2012.

If McLaren will be able to prove their strength, the severance of working relationship with Honda will be entirely justified and the team will be able to attract big sponsors, what she’s been able to do in recent years. In this case, you can start to talk about the revival of McLaren.

Despite the huge number of similarities, the principles of the McLaren and RBR are different. McLaren is a huge and systematic organization with a complex internal structure and allocation of responsibilities. And it largely remains so, although in recent years Eric boullier has significantly simplified the structure of the team.

As for RBR, this command functions much easier, allowing it to quickly respond to certain challenges. No wonder mark Webber said that RBR is the “big team Formula 3” from the point of view of decision-making.

But the competitiveness of the teams depends not only on it – to interfere in the balance of power may other factors, which at first sight are not visible.

The battle to RBR and McLaren on paper it looks exciting, especially if you imagine that in 2018, Renault will be able to build such an engine, which would not yield power to Ferrari and Mercedes.

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Four teams fighting for victories in every race – Hamilton, Vettel, Alonso, ricciardo and Verstappen fighting for the top spots on almost identical technology…

Or is that too optimistic forecast?

Анализ: Сможет ли McLaren опередить Red Bull Racing на моторах Renault?

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