“A bad copy of the Indy 500”. Racers on the show before the start of the U.S. Grand Prix

«Плохая копия Инди 500». Гонщики о шоу перед стартом Гран При США

The opinions of the racers of Formula 1 about the pre-launch ceremony of the Grand Prix of the USA is divided.

Sunday in Austin for the first time in the history “Royal races” held a presentation ceremony, when the participants, for example, IndyCar and NASCAR, couples took to the starting grid. Accompanied by the output of each of the voice of the American racer ring-announcer Michael Buffer. Then the two main contenders for the title of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel stood in front of the Cup championship and the start of the formation lap gave the famous Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt.

«Плохая копия Инди 500». Гонщики о шоу перед стартом Гран При США

“It was like winning the super bowl. For the first time in recent years we have seen such a show. Usually on the starting grid all the monotonous and boring”, – quotes Hamilton edition SpeedWeek.

The main rival of Hamilton in the championship Sebastian Vettel left less than impressed by the show, which gave the organizers of the Grand Prix of the United States.

“It’s good for the public, but I’m not a showman,’ said the German. My job is to drive the car and participate in races”.

Partner Vettel at Ferrari Kimi Raikkonen added: “If everything is arranged correctly and at the right time, I don’t see a big problem. But we have so much to do on Sunday, so it’s not perfect. Yes, this is something new, but you know what I would have chosen”.

Fernando Alonso, having experience of participating in the presentation of the pilots in the Indy 500, admitted that he did not like the event in Austin.

“My results in Austin and Indy was like,’ said the Spaniard, who descended because of engine problems. The only things that differed – the award ceremony, which was a bad copy.”

«Плохая копия Инди 500». Гонщики о шоу перед стартом Гран При США

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