Robert Kubica: I’m glad my name back in the news in Formula 1

Роберт Кубица: Я рад, что мое имя снова на слуху в Формуле 1

Former Formula 1 driver Robert Kubica in an interview with one of the leading Polish editions of “Sports review” said that not hold a grudge against the Renault team, which, despite all expectations, did not give him a chance to return as a combat pilot.

Last summer, the winner of the Grand Prix of Canada-2008 conducted three test sessions, including behind the wheel of R. S. 17 in Hungary. Even it was assumed that in the second half of the season Kubica will replace Jolyon Palmer, but it was limited to these tests.

Nico Rosberg will help Robert Kubica return to Formula 1

“As we know, Renault has invited Carlos Sainz. But still I am very thankful to the team for the opportunity to get back behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car after a six year break and spend three test session. It was a great experience – said Kubica, whose career was interrupted after an accident on the rally in early 2011. – Most importantly: I realized that can still pilot the vehicle, despite the injury. This is one of the happiest events in my life.

Now we are working on various options for the future. I don’t know whether it’s Formula 1 or any other championship. But the solution must allow me to continue the work started on the tests in Valencia in June this year to return to racing as a professional pilot. Let’s see what happens.

When to expect news? I try to tell only what completely sure. In recent years I learned patience and began to act thoughtfully, not emotionally. I hope everything goes as it should, and in the near future I will have something to share with you.”

To the question about his attitude to the rumors about the transition in Williams in place of Felipe Massa in 2018, Kubica said: “Honestly, I’m glad such conversations. This means that my name is back in the news in the Formula 1. First, for six years, such was not! It is clear that when there is no official information, there are various speculation and assumptions that often have nothing to do with the truth. But the journalists do their job and I do mine, simple as that.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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