Max Verstappen Sebastian Vettel has paid a heavy price for excessive risk

Макс Ферстаппен: Себастьян Феттель заплатил большую цену за чрезмерный риск

The pilot of Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen commented on the accident at the first corner of the Singapore Grand Prix.

Max had a good start, but trapped between the racers Ferrari. He had a contact with Raikkonen, in which Kimi crashed into Vettel. This race is over for all three.

When max asked who is to blame for the collision, he replied: “basically, Sebastian, because he started to pinch me [with Raikkonen]. Perhaps he didn’t see Kimi on the left side, but that’s no excuse, as he fights for the title.

He should not risk the first place, holding the opponent on the track. You see what came of it: Lewis is leading the race, and we all descended.

I tried to avoid the collision, because he saw that all there is to it, but the rear tyres are much wider than the front, which I couldn’t get out of there.

As a result of the contact in the first turn I broke the suspension, and Kimi was left with only two wheels.

Honestly, I don’t think it was a racing incident. I was in the middle, not doing anything bad, just trying to do a clean start. I’m glad I went not only I, but all three of them. We divide this time into three.”

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