At the finish line of season 2017: Mercedes vs Ferrari

На финишной прямой сезона-2017: Mercedes против Ferrari talks about the final phase of the battle for the title in the season 2017 between Mercedes and Ferrari, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

Hamilton couldn’t believe what he managed to increase his advantage over Vettel in the overall standings to 28 points for the Singapore Grand Prix, where he predicted inevitable defeat.

But Mercedes took it and showed excellent pace on the track, which was for her the most uncomfortable of all remaining until the end of the season.

Until the end of the campaign another six races. Will the Singapore turning point in the championship battle?

Whether it is Mercedes faster than all the remaining races?

Long wheel base Mercedes, as well as aerodynamic efficiency and power (especially in qualifying) W08 allow you to flourish in a fast tracks with high speed turns, like in Silverstone and Monza.

Ferrari chassis is not long, but more mobile – it can effectively increase the level of downforce that it clearly beheld in Monaco, Hungary and in qualifying in Singapore.

If Ferrari fail to present a revolutionary product, the first series of races will suit the Mercedes more. On the straights and long fast corners of Sepang, the German team should be stronger.

Suzuka Ferrari has to catch up, since this circuit includes the sections that are appropriate to the characteristics of both cars.

HONEYCOMB is likely to become a territory of the superiority of the Mercedes, but after Austin are tracks where the balance might lean in the direction of Ferrari.

На финишной прямой сезона-2017: Mercedes против Ferrari

Despite the long straight of the circuit behalf of the brothers Rodriguez, the highlands and the thin air of Mexico city reduce the level of drag, which will increase the level of downforce – a potential plus for Ferrari.

Narrow fabric and winding the second sector of Interlagos ideal SF70H.

In addition, Ferrari needs to feel confident on 90-degree turns of Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi.

Thus, in theory, Mercedes will be an obvious advantage not only in Malaysia and USA, whereas due to the increase in speed in the last races Red Bull Racing may have their say in the destiny of the title.

If Mercedes made a breakthrough on inconvenient Singapore?

Green track after rain in the cool temperatures, the most probable explanation for the comeback of Mercedes in the race after a bad qualifying on the street circuit of Marina Bay.

Bottas admitted that Sunday the rear of the car behaved much better, and cooler weather prevented a potential overheating of tires.

Mercedes is also helped by the fact that before the race the rain had washed all the rubber on the asphalt, because the machines Ferrari and Red Bull Racing in 2017 go significantly faster when the track changes.

In addition, he Toto Wolff is confident that the victory of Lewis in Singapore was made possible not because of an unexpected breakthrough Mercedes on a slow circuit, but due to weather conditions and circumstances on the first lap.

Will the reliability of the decisive factor?

На финишной прямой сезона-2017: Mercedes против Ferrari

Last year’s engine failure on the car of Hamilton in Malaysia was dealt a serious blow to their championship chances of the British in the confrontation with Nico Rosberg.

Mercedes – the only team of the two leadership groups, whose car in 2017 was out of the race due to mechanical failure: this happened with Bottas in Spain.

Already at the Grand Prix of Belgium, the German team presented the fourth and final engine, the lifecycle of which she decided to stretch for nine weekends.

As for Ferrari, it plans to introduce its latest specification in Sepang – this motor needs to hold only six races.

Vettel chasing Hamilton or opposed to the Bottom?

На финишной прямой сезона-2017: Mercedes против Ferrari

After Singapore Bottas on points closer to Vettel than Sebastian to Hamilton.

23-point handicap allowed Valtteri to say that his goal is to shift the German from second place.

At the same time, Finn is well aware that Lewis is a great series, and its championship ambitions gradually evaporate.

But Bottas is hoping that Mercedes will do everything possible to he turned out to be above Vettel in the final standings.

Will Mercedes use team orders?

На финишной прямой сезона-2017: Mercedes против Ferrari

Recognition Bottas reduce their own chances of winning the championship title opens the way for Mercedes use team orders, but wolf does not want publicly to declare Hamilton the first driver of the team from Brackley.

“Of course, the chances of Lewis to win higher than Valtteri, so we, as before, will act according to circumstances, said Toto. But the decision becomes more apparent.

I would not want to claim that Hamilton is a solid first team number, so as not to fog the mind of another rider. I don’t want it to be so.”

I’m sure Mercedes in their abilities?

Wolff shared that immediately after the race in Singapore he said James Ellison, the team should not lose this advantage.

“In place of a Ferrari, we would not feel comfortable in a situation with a 28-point deficit, – said Toto. – We, in turn, you just need to do their job. We will celebrate only when you succeed”.

На финишной прямой сезона-2017: Mercedes против Ferrari

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