Renault is negotiating with McLaren for the supply of engines for 2018

Renault ведет переговоры с McLaren о поставке двигателей на 2018 год

Renault have confirmed that talks with McLaren to supply engines for the season 2018.

Managing Director of Renault Sport’s Cyril Abitbul admitted that the French motorist talks with McLaren, but the deal is unlikely.

“We have a multi-year contract with Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso – said Abitbul. – We are open to negotiations, and with McLaren we have already started to discuss this issue, but in the regulations there are restrictions on the supply of engines for more than three teams. In addition, we must understand that the quality of our service would have fallen, if we prepared the engines for four teams.

Christian Horner: Renault will supply engines to McLaren

We appreciate the co-operation with Red Bull and would like to continue it until 2020, but if he gets the other projects – why not?

As I understand it, now it’s pretty quiet, and none on anything not insist”.

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