Max Verstappen threatened departure from Red Bull after the season-2018

Макс Ферстаппен пригрозил уходом из Red Bull после сезона-2018

Max Verstappen hinted that the season-2018 may be his last at Red Bull Racing if the team does not make a noticeable step forward.

The first half of the championship 2017 turned out to be disastrous for the 19-year-old Dutchman, who, because of technical problems and their own bad luck drove the smallest distance among all pilots. Max doesn’t hide that he was disappointed, and hinted that from the form to RBR next season will determine his future in the team.

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“I always say that there is no reason to leave the team, when you have a competitive car, Verstappen is quoted by AUTOSPORT. – At the moment the results are not satisfactory, but that doesn’t mean you have to quit. We must continue to work, but of course, when for two or three years nothing changes, then that’s another story.

We work hard to make progress. After next season let’s see how the situation will develop”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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