Esteban Windows Peres risked my life at 300 km/h

Эстебан Окон: Перес рисковал моей жизнью на скорости 300 км/ч

The pilot Force India Esteban Windows commented on two contact with his teammate Sergio Perez in the Grand Prix of Belgium in Spa.

In first lap contact between Esteban and Sergio at the entrance to Eau Rouge without consequences, and in the second case, both received damage to the car that provoked the departure of the safety car on the track.

In the end, the Mexican failed to see the chequered flag, and Windows finished only ninth.

“I understand that in the first case could happen to everyone, though I’m still sure that he saw me in the rear view mirror, – quotes for window Sky Sports. – At the moment on one stretch of highway were driving three cars in a row.

Despite the fact that he drove me to the wall and behaved unprofessionally, I accept this incident.

But in the second case, he crossed the line. What was the meaning of his actions? He pushed me into a wall at 300 km/h he risked not only my own, but my life for no reason. His actions cost the team points. It needs to be a professional racer, but today that is not shown.

What’s next? I’ll tell him the truth. I’m not afraid of him. If you need to use hard words, I’ll do it.

I fully understand the point of view of Otmar [who said that pilots Force India will not allow any more to fight on the track]: how many points have we lost today? We were in a high position in the race, and then there was this idiotic maneuver, in which there was no need.

For pérez, the situation is sad: he is 28 years old, he is in F1 for seven seasons. Think he should think about his behavior on the track”.

Starting with the Grand Prix of Belgium, we are introducing a readers ‘ rating of the pilots. To exhibit their own evaluation of the racers at the race in Spa here.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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