Christian Horner: max faces a fine in Italy

Кристиан Хорнер: Максу грозит штраф в Италии

The boss of Red Bull Racing Christian Horner said that Max Verstappen will lose a few places on the starting grid of the Grand Prix of Italy.

Spa Max was driving the fifth, when he lost the engine power is the fourth car of the Dutchman.

Thus, at the Italian Grand Prix Max can be punished in the form of loss of places on the starting grid for the replacement of components of the power plant: in the area of risk as the motor-generator thermal energy.

“I understand his frustration, but most of the gatherings was not our fault – said Horner in an interview with AUTOSPORT. – Max still disappointed because of the penalty which threatens him in Monza.

Our minder apologized, as he understands that does not provide reliability at the right level.

Max no luck. Problems are not with the car and with the engine. We don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, however, Renault has always supplied the same engines for both drivers. But now it seems that all the failures prosihodit only on his side of the boxes.

Daniel was not less of a problem, but they happened more often on Friday and Saturday. Max Spa missed another podium is not their fault”.

Horner believes that Renault will all be fine.

“We all live in hope, – continued the head. – Ferrari coped with the problems, and in 2014 they were far more unpleasant position than Renault. Anything is possible if you have the right people, the desire, the will and the means.”

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