Analysis: McLaren is looking towards Renault to try to get away from Honda

Анализ: McLaren смотрит в сторону Renault в попытке уйти от Honda reports that McLaren have made a step towards the termination of its contract with Honda on the eve of key negotiations that will place all points over “I” the issue with the engines and will be a turning point in the future, Fernando Alonso in F1.

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There is information that McLaren has finally lost patience with the Honda.

Despite the fact that over the past months, the Japanese manufacturer has received consulting help from Ilmor, Honda gain in a short period of time was insufficient to convince McLaren in their ability to progress quickly.

In connection with the ultimatum Alonzo and the need for a decision on the engine supplier for next season in the McLaren decided to do everything possible to change the Honda to Renault.

However, in the case of such a development on the way of the team from Woking, there are a few obstacles.

One source suggested that the main problem is not that McLaren will refuse cooperation from Honda, and how difficult that process was.

The easiest way for McLaren in this situation is to persuade Honda to supply engines to Toro Rosso starting in 2018. It would be released for the McLaren seat as a potential client Renault. Toro Rosso would have received financial support from Honda, which, in turn, would be able to stay in F1.

It was recently reported that negotiations between Toro Rosso and Honda fell, but the parties resumed dialogue and have made serious progress in this matter.

At the same time, sources report that Honda is not eager to supply engines to Toro Rosso and do not want to lose McLaren. Thus, the relationship of McLaren and Honda have stalled, which none of the parties can not move forward.

Анализ: McLaren смотрит в сторону Renault в попытке уйти от Honda

In the Toro Rosso set the deadline in the decision on the supplier of motors for 2018, which will expire in Monza. Time is running out.

In the McLaren sure that next season the team will no longer cooperate with Honda. But if the British will not be able to associate Honda with Toro Rosso, then there is a high risk of rupture of the existing contract with the Japanese manufacturer, which will entail legal proceedings.

If we talk about Honda, then it is the loss of the opportunity to supply its engines to McLaren without finding alternative options for the team from Woking means departure from F1, which would not like to see in Liberty Media.

Honda care would create a situation under which one of the three current manufacturers must supply engines to McLaren in 2018. Under this scenario, the Renault is the most likely option, although the French manufacturer is unlikely to eager to extend your supplies on the fourth team.

It is reported that the change of supplier of motors is the key to Fernando Alonso left McLaren.

There is information that in private conversation he informed bosses of the team from Woking, he would sign a new contract if McLaren will enlist the support of Renault.

In recent years, McLaren has made significant progress in the development of the chassis, and it encourages Alonso. A call to action for McLaren is the fact that Fernando can just go to the camp of the Renault factory team.

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