Alain Prost: I personally apologized to max Verstappen for the failure of the Renault motor

Ален Прост: Я лично извинился перед Максом Ферстаппеном за отказ мотора Renault

The Renault brand Ambassador Alain Prost personally apologized to max Verstappen for the failure of the French engine supplier for the Grand Prix of Belgium in Spa.

For max this was the sixth gathering in the season of 2017 and the fourth Assembly, caused by equipment failure.

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“This season Max has gone six times. We are guilty, not all, but many of his gatherings, said Simple in comments to Canal+. – I personally came to him to apologize to him and his team on behalf of Renault.

Max is impatient and very talented. He wants to fight for the highest places, so the situation is difficult.

We need to solve the problem [with the reliability of engines]. At the same time, this is another reminder that in the pursuit of increasing power, we must not forget reliability”.

Until Monday evening, August 28, you have the opportunity to evaluate the work of the pilots at the last Belgian Grand Prix in our readers ‘ ranking, and on Tuesday, August 29, we summarize the results of your vote.

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