Yusuke Hasegawa: We can’t wait for Sauber

Юсуке Хасегава: Мы не можем долго ждать Sauber

Head of the division of Honda in F1 Yusuke Hasegawa said in an interview with Racer that Sauber should as soon as possible to determine the contract for the supply of engines.

When Frederic Vasseur became the boss of the team is Monesi, Kaltenborn, he immediately made clear that job number one is to determine the minder. This immediately gave rise to rumors that Sauber will not bring a deal with Honda to the end.

Frederic Vasseur: the Decision of a question on Honda – my first priority

Hasegawa did not discuss the contract, however, answered the question about when the Swiss team needs to determine the minder: “Now or as soon as possible. We can’t wait because already working on the next season – that’s why it is so important to resolve.

As for the plan [to supply engines for Sauber in 2018], we are working on. While no changes are working as usual, but we need to know in advance if something will change”.

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