The transition to the new engines could take place in 2020

Переход на новые двигатели может состояться уже в 2020 году

The leadership of Formula 1 and the manufacturers have already begun negotiations on a new regulation on the engines, which should come into force after 2020. One of the main goals of the new rules is to reduce the cost and improve the sound.

It is believed that new technical requirements will come into effect only after the current Contract Agreement, i.e. in 2021-m. However, according to Bild, the transition to the new rules could take place in 2020.

Formula 1 should go the way of IndyCar in relation to motors

“The FIA, the manufacturers and the teams were able to negotiate the transition to the new regulations in 2020,” wrote the German edition.

In the beginning of this week held a meeting on the new rules, in addition to representatives of the current producers visited the Aston Martin, Cosworth, Zytek and Magneti Marelli.

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