The sports Director of Silverstone: we had no choice

Спортивный директор Сильверстоуна: У нас просто не было выбора

The automobile club of great Britain (BRDC) has responded to the criticism from the owners of the commercial rights of F1, accusing them of pursuing their own interests when you activate the option which will allow you to terminate the contract to host the British Grand Prix after 2019.

“This is not a positioning – quoted sporting Director of Silverstone Stuart Pringle AUTOSPORT. – We don’t do anything lightly. No one refers to the organization of the races with more love than the BRDC. We are the organizers of the Grand Prix and realize the consequences of their actions.

This was a turning point, and we realize that one of the possible consequences could be the loss of the British stage after 2019. Such a scenario would be very sad.”

BRDC Chairman John Grant said that the owners it was not possible to postpone the decision to a later date.

“Actually it’s a legal issue, he said. – We had the only possibility to break the contract and stop the loss of money, and it will happen in 2019.

We had to report it for two years, and the deadline is the last day before the beginning of the racing weekend. We just didn’t have a choice.”

Selling Silverstone excluded

Recently the Executive Director of McLaren Zac brown advised the company Liberty Media to acquire Silverstone to guarantee the future of the British Grand Prix, but Grant doesn’t think so.

“In recent months we have repeatedly said we have no plans to sell Silverstone. We don’t think it is necessary, – said the Chairman of the BRDC. We consider ourselves the guardians of British Motorsport and we believe that maintaining the ownership of Silverstone in the BRDC will help to achieve this goal.

So selling is not on the agenda”.

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