Sauber were frightened by the uncertainty of the future of the Union McLaren-Honda

Sauber испугала неопределённость с будущим союза McLaren-Honda

At a press conference FIA on Friday evening, the new head of the Sauber Frederic Vasseur explained the reasons why the team refused to transition to the Honda motors in 2018 and decided to prolong the contract with Ferrari.

As explained by the French, it is not only the lack of competitiveness of the Japanese manufacturer.

“A few weeks ago, Sauber and Honda signed a Memorandum of understanding, but in our world everything is changing rapidly – quoted Vasser The situation further cooperation between McLaren and Honda remained unclear. The fact that the supplier of motors also had to solve the issue with the transmission. We already had an agreement with McLaren, so there is a difficult situation.

While we had developed a long-term relationship with Ferrari. We discussed with them the possibility of obtaining a new version of the engine, and it was the best option. In the end, we reached an agreement with Honda about the termination of cooperation”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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