Romain Grosjean: We want to race, not fight the wheels like in NASCAR

Ромен Грожан: Мы хотим гоняться, а не биться колесами, как в NASCAR

Romain Grosjean is asking the FIA to determine where in the Formula 1 over the boundaries of fair competition.

After the start of the race the Hungarian Grand Prix, the Frenchman collided with Nico Hulkenberg. German was not punished, although Max Verstappen in a similar situation received a ten second penalty, a teammate Grosjean, Kevin Magnussen took five seconds for the incident with Hulkenberg.

“This issue has already arisen. In the previous race Vettel and Verstappen showed great fight, but they went off the road and came back, so I turned to Charlie [Whiting, FIA race Director] after the briefing, told Grosjean in an interview with AUTOSPORT. We want to race, not fight the wheels as in NASCAR.

Hulkenberg pretty much hit me, the car flew high into the air. He blocked the wheels, although on the inside, enough space. Frankly, I see no difference between him and Verstappen, and the sequence of actions of the stewards a bit strange.

Yes, it was in the first turn, but in 2012 at Spa, too, all happened in the first turn. You can’t do everything you want.

First corner, second round, tenth – no matter: you can not enter in another car.”

When the Grogan recalled that this year the FIA has decided to give riders more freedom, the Frenchman questioned this: “Magnussen just raced! Yes, aggressive, but he’s not even faced with Hulkenberg! Nico also ran into me. Kevin didn’t hurt Nico, just forced him to travel widely”.

Romain was out of the race due to an improperly fastened wheel just after a pit stop.

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