Renault: Robert Kubica will return to F1 in 2017

Renault: Роберт Кубица не вернется в Ф1 в 2017-м

Renault has denied the rumors that Robert Kubica will start the race in F1 already in the season 2017.

News about the tests the car this year, have provoked discussions about what pole will replace Jolyon Palmer is in Belgium this year.

Robert Kubica will race for Renault in Belgian Grand Prix?

“We fully support Joe and not going to change the plan, – said the head of Renault Sport’s Cyril Abitbul in an interview with AUTOSPORT. – We need a better test Robert. I won’t go into details, but in addition tests on the vehicle in 2012 it has undergone many medical tests, and worked on the simulator.

We wanted to better understand how feasible it is for Robert to pilot a modern F1 car, so we decided to use it on the tests in Hungary. The plan, however, more long-term. We’re not going right this second to change our drivers.

Hulkenberg: If Kubica will stand the test of Hungaroring, he will be able to cover the distance of the Grand Prix

Before considering Robert to place the pilot in 2018, we need to understand how it will cope with the high downforce and the power of a new car. In this respect, the 2012 car has not given any information.

However, the successful tests do not guarantee a place for him next year. There are plenty of details that we need to evaluate”.

Official: Robert Kubica will take part in the tests in Hungary

Abitbul told that calmed Jolyon Palmer due to the imminent threat Kubica: “I told him that Robert is not an immediate threat. Of course, we are considering options for 2018 and Joe in the list of candidates, but everything is in his hands.

Our work with Robert has nothing to do with the performances of Joe this weekend and the rest of the season. In the Spa we’re definitely not going to change riders – I have seen circulating in the media news”.

Abitbul added that Palmer should, however, handle the pressure and start to produce results.

The FIA is not going to make concessions Robert

Renault: Роберт Кубица не вернется в Ф1 в 2017-м

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