Pirelli has described the compositions of tyres in Brazilian Grand Prix and Abu Dhabi

Pirelli назвала составы шин на Гран При Бразилии и Абу-Даби

F1 tyre supplier Pirelli has announced the selection of compounds for the last two stages of the season-2017 in Brazil and Abu Dhabi.

At the Grand Prix of Brazil in Interlagos Italian manufacturer will bring the rubber Supersoft, Soft and Medium. On the circuit of Yas Marina team will be able to use the softest sets, namely Ultrasoft, Supersoft and Soft.

Of the 13 available sets of tires one set of a feather will be those who will progress to the third qualifying segment, while using one of the other two compounds is required in the race.

According to the bus rules, the remaining ten sets of the weekend racers choose.

The selection of Pirelli in 2017:

Australia – Ultrasoft / Supersoft / Soft
China – Supersoft / Soft / Medium
Bahrain – Supersoft / Soft / Medium
Russia – Ultrasoft / Supersoft / Soft
Spain – Soft / Medium / Hard
Monaco – Ultrasoft / Supersoft / Soft
Canada – Ultrasoft / Supersoft / Soft
Azerbaijan – Supersoft / Soft / Medium
Austria – Ultrasoft / Supersoft / Soft
UK – Supersoft / Soft / Medium
Hungary – Supersoft / Soft / Medium
Belgium – Ultrasoft / Supersoft / Soft
Italy – Supersoft / Soft / Medium
Singapore – Ultrasoft / Supersoft / Soft
Malaysia – Supersoft / Soft / Medium
Japan – Supersoft / Soft / Medium
USA – Ultrasoft / Supersoft / Soft
Mexico – Ultrasoft / Supersoft / Soft
Brazil Supersoft / Soft / Medium
Abu Dhabi- Ultrasoft / Supersoft / Soft

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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