Max Verstappen If I was a Hamilton fan and missed the show in my country, I would have been shot

Макс Ферстаппен: Если бы я поступил как Хэмилтон и пропустил фан-шоу в своей стране, меня бы застрелили

The pilot of Red Bull Racing’s Max Verstappen made a joke that if he missed home a fan of the show, as did Lewis Hamilton, ignoring the F1 Live in London, the Dutch fans he wouldn’t forgive.

Felipe Massa has criticised Lewis Hamilton for absence from F1 Live in London

“If I did so in the Netherlands, they would have just shot me – quoted by Verstappen But I believe that if Lewis wants to rest, he should rest. If it will allow it to become even faster on the track, it needs to do so.

However, I’m sure English fans would like to see him in London.

The organization of such events is very important. This is a fantastic event which was attended by many people.”

When max asked if he would take the day off on the day of the meeting with the fans, he replied: “Only if I really needed it. Each would have done differently”.

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