Ilmor is looking for a partner-minder

Ilmor ищет партнера-моториста

The Ilmor company is looking for a partner engineer to work on the engine of the Formula 1 in 2021.

Firm Mario Illien previously worked with Mercedes, but in the new era of hybrid motors has advised Renault.

Sports Director Ross Brawn wants to be in F1 became an independent engine manufacturer. He was supported by such teams as McLaren and Red Bull, for which this issue may be urgent.

Whether to wait for Aston Martin in Formula 1 as a supplier of engines?

Illien discussed at a recent meeting of the FIA the future format of the rules, and while the preferred V6 engine with double turbine and the system of recuperation of kinetic energy.

“Certainly, we want to Formula 1 came independent supplier of motors, said Illien in an interview with AUTOSPORT. To understand whether this is all I came to the meeting”.

Illien stressed that he is not going to produce the motor under its own brand: “Someone has to Fund the initial development costs, and it’s not customers – they do not pay as much. For this, most likely, need the manufacturer.

Take a look at Red Bull, they have a TAG, so do not have to be a car manufacturer”.

Ilmor ищет партнера-моториста

Illien also added that the cost of the engine should significantly fall to an independent provider was able to survive: “It is a necessity, in order from an independent minders have a chance.

It is not only initial cost but also the cost of development”.

Illien sure that the rules limiting the number of engines for the season only increased the costs.

“Create three engine the following year, more than four – added Illien. – You need to test for dynamometrical stands all items to withstand the required mileage. It is expensive.

Even four engines is not enough. Mid-season, and half of the peloton is the problem”.

Illien also added that F1 should not focus on road cars: “Trends in the automotive industry is not so important. I think we need to do the races. Yes, we can take something from road cars, but this technology is secondary. It makes no sense to do F1 if no one will watch because it became boring.

When the whole world passes to hybrids and electronics, we should have something completely different”.

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