Hungaroring: race Three boring of the boring of the Grand Prix calendar

Хунгароринг: Три нескучные гонки самого скучного Гран При календаря

In the 90-ies the Hungarian Grand Prix has gained notoriety most boring stage in the F1 calendar.

Nearly 4-mile lap of the Hungaroring circuit consists of 16 turns and a short straight start-finish. Due to this configuration, the route of the Grand Prix of Hungary began to call the tram races, hinting at the impossibility of overtaking on the narrow canvas of the Hungaroring.

Despite the unentertaining image of the circuit for 31 years, the Hungaroring takes steps Great Prizes, fans have seen exciting battles on the track and incredible dramas.

has prepared for its readers a selection of the three most memorable Grand Prix of Hungary.

1989: Triumph Mansell from 12th place at the start

Хунгароринг: Три нескучные гонки самого скучного Гран При календаря

Agree, starting from the 12th position on the grid, it is difficult to count on ultimate success in the race, especially at the Hungaroring, but this feat made Nigel Mansell.

At the entrance to the first corner, the Briton was already the eighth, but got stuck behind Alessandro Nannini. At the same time, the early pit-stop Italian free hand to Nigel, who scored a phenomenal move.

The Briton quickly dealt with Thierry Buccinum and Alex Caffi. When Nigel was in fifth place, he was informed that the group of leaders, he is second, 17 seconds back. But Mansell did not lay down his arms and began to rapidly catch up with competitors. Ferrari teammate Gerhard Berger went into the pits and left to be devoured by Nigel Alain Prost.

After a successful maneuver against the French, he hid behind the leaders of the race Riccardo Patrese and Ayrton Senna.

Хунгароринг: Три нескучные гонки самого скучного Гран При календаря

Shortly Ayrton and Nigel turns ahead of the unfortunate Patrese, whose race ended prematurely due to problems with the radiator.

The moment of truth came when Senna overtook circular pilot Onyx Stefan Johansson: the Brazilian made a clumsy attempt of overtaking the Swede on the output of the third turn, which was used by Mansell. Nigel is passed the bend, drew level with Hispanic and had a high-scoring attack, then run to the finish in splendid isolation, beating Ayrton 25 seconds!

Certainly, this is one of the brightest and most convincing victories of the British.

1997: the Miracles performed by hill for Arrows

It so happened that the current world champion 1996 Damon hill has no place in a competitive team in 1997, so it is to his Arrows sheltered Tom Wakinshaw.

The combination of A18 chassis and Yamaha engine OX11A 3.0 V10 was a not the most reliable and competitive car, which hill failed to finish in six races of the season, and one could not even start.

In Friday’s training session Damon drove the fastest lap of the session in its very first attempt, then the rest of the race was spent in the garage due to a malfunction of the gearbox. In qualifying technique Briton did not disappoint and he finished third, losing only to Michael Schumacher and Jacques Villeneuve.

Hill took a solid start, overtaking his former teammate Villeneuve and Williams rushed for Schumacher. The German fell victim to current champion at the 11th round.

Хунгароринг: Три нескучные гонки самого скучного Гран При календаря

Damon calmly dovozil the car in the first place with a 30-secundum advantage over Vilniem until three laps from the finish on his car not refused the hydraulic pump. Hill began to rapidly lose pace and Jacques, who later became the new world champion on the last lap overtook the panting machine of the British. At the finish of the hill lost to the canadian nine seconds. Despite the huge disappointment at the end of the race, Damon could rightly be considered the moral winner, since he was head and shoulders stronger riders on the fastest machines.

Universal chaos and the victory of Vettel

The Hungarian Grand Prix-2015 can be called a race. In the season, when for the first place almost no alternative to fighting with each other the two Mercedes drivers, the race at the Hungaroring was a long-awaited manna from the point of view of intrigue, mistakes, overtaking and collisions.

But about all under the order: the first row of the starting field occupied by Mercedes drivers Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, and behind them is the pilots Ferrari Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen.

At the start Vettel in one fell swoop, left with nothing to do the two opponents of the German team. Kimi is also not lagging behind in the third rotation, the Finn built for Sebastian, giving unforgettable moments to fans of the Scuderia, however, in the end, Finn had failed and he was unable to finish due to a technical fault.

Хунгароринг: Три нескучные гонки самого скучного Гран При календаря

Hamilton not only managed to regain second place in the battle with Raikkonen, but has put himself in a vulnerable position in front of Rosberg. At the entrance to turn six and Nico took the optimal path, and Lewis didn’t remain anything, except how to cut the turn. After this excursion into the gravel, he found himself in tenth position for Felipe Massa.

Thanks to a few leads, successful strategies and unexpected accident Nico Hulkenberg, who for no apparent reason lost the front wing on the straight and flew on his Force India into the barrier, Hamilton was fourth.

However, on the restart, the Briton was the victim of Daniel ricciardo, and at the crossing of trajectories in the first turn he hit the Aussie, for which he received a fine in the form of travel in the pit lane. After the fact Hamilton will call GP of Hungary 2015, one of the worst races in my career.

Хунгароринг: Три нескучные гонки самого скучного Гран При календаря

But soon, to the delight of Lewis, Daniel overtook Rosberg in the same first turn and went into a fearless attack. Again there was contact with the consequences: the Aussie went in for a pit stop for a new front wing and managed to finish third, but Nico drove a punctured rear tire the whole lap, losing a lot of time and saw the chequered flag eighth.

The only one problem avoided in the day was Vettel. Sebastian was in the lead for 68 of the 69 laps and celebrated his maiden win in the Hungaroring, and Russian Daniel Quat debut podium in Formula 1.

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