Honda is negotiating with F1 teams, including Toro Rosso

Honda ведет переговоры с командами Ф1, в том числе с Toro Rosso

Honda confirmed that are in talks with several F1 teams for the supply of engines in 2018.

The deal with Sauber means that the Japanese engineer it is necessary to urgently find a team-the client, otherwise he will remain with McLaren, which is also still not fully decided on plans for 2018.

Sources report that one of the main contenders is the Toro Rosso, despite the fact that the team from Faenza has already signed a contract with Renault.

“To find the customer, we are negotiating with different teams, said the General Manager of Honda Masashi Yamamoto. – The schedule will be difficult to meet, but we still try to make it to next season.

If that doesn’t work, we will continue to work with McLaren, and customer find by 2019.

Together with McLaren, we work in the same direction, and the team will continue to focus on successful collaboration. It is not that we gave a bad motor, but that did not meet expectations.”

Speaking about the deal with Sauber, Yamamoto noted that the dynamics of the relationship changed care Monesi, Kaltenborn from his post as boss: “We have already started joint activities for the next season, something that was undefined, for example, whether to appoint a Japanese rider. Also, the Sauber had the opportunity to work with us to enter other categories.

With Monica we reached agreement on this issue, but after she left everything changed.”

Sauber has announced about prolongation of the contract with Ferrari

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