Fernando Alonso: the Most positive moment of the season of F1? The Indy 500

Фернандо Алонсо: Самый позитивный момент сезона Ф1? «Инди 500»

Racer McLaren Fernando Alonso has said that participation in the “Indy 500” was the only positive thing this year.

In the may race the Spaniard went down because of engine trouble, although at some point-in the head of the peloton. At the same time in Formula 1 in the ten races of the season, he earned only two points and only three reached the finish line.

When asked about the positive aspects of the first half of the season in F1, Alonso said: “the Indy 500. More positive was not. We were hoping to become much more competitive, however, did not meet their expectations.

Rather we try to fix it, but it’s complicated.”

The current contract Alonso with McLaren expires at the end of the year, but the Spaniard is in no hurry to decide the future and even considering a transition to IndyCar.

“IndyCar is also an option. I have always said he is open for new features, added Alonso. – My priority is Formula 1 and the third title, and I’m ready to go to any team for the sake of it.

If not, I don’t mind to go to another series, so let’s see how it goes after a month and a half.

I want to win next year, but it takes a lot to do. If the progress will go, I can stay, but think about it in September”.

Фернандо Алонсо: Самый позитивный момент сезона Ф1? «Инди 500»
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