Esteban Windows If not Toto Wolff, I’d do the burgers in McDonald’s

Эстебан Окон: Если бы не Тото Вольф, я бы делал гамбургеры в McDonald’s

Esteban Windows thanked the head of Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff that the Austrians believed in him and took in the youth support program.

Mercedes protege made its debut in F1 in 2016 in the Manor, and in 2017 Esteban already played for a team Force India.

“In the period between the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 Toto Wolff was very helpful, quoted the Frenchman La Gazzetta dello Sport. – If he hadn’t appeared in my sports career, I would have done that would make the burgers at McDonald’s.

I mean that without funding I wouldn’t have a chance to continue his career.”

In season 2017 Windows scored 43 points and occupies the eighth place in the standings.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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